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2009-07-09 12:30 am
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NCIS - Love it but will I hate it?

So the hubby got me and the sis started watching NCIS. And, as I tend to, I jumped gleefully back into loving a show. Why? Because it's so lovable. As far as TV shows go, I am a fan of the classic police procedural and am also a fan of ensemble casts with witty writing. NCIS is all that and a bag of chips so naturally, I fell in love with it.

And now this news about NCIS shopping around for a new, 30 something male agent to possibly add as a recurring character.

Uh. What? Why??

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

NCIS, as it is, is great. I have my doubts about its spin-off, NCIS Los Angeles. I still don't see the point of multiple CSI shows and while NCIS LA seems to be doing something right and making them a completely different branch of the NCIS, well... sorry, still doesn't fly. (Though I admit, I may just watch it for its toys. Hooo baby, those toys make the geek in me go yay.)

But NCIS being perfect as it is has the drawback of adding/taking things away from it precarious. As far as I'm concerned, NCIS has been at that great point of zen in a Jenga game. You've taken away what you could, rebalanced everything else and aaah... it stands. Perfectly. You know that taking away another block and putting up higher may just make the entire thing come crashing down -- and that's what I thinking adding another 30 something male character would do. I mean, come on. McGee is in his early 30s, DiNozzo's pushing his late 30s to maybe early 40s. The McGee and DiNozzo dynamic are enough to play off of Gibbs and Ducky in the testosterone department. (And yes, there's Palmer but I'm guessing he's supposed to be greenish and in his mid 20s at best.) What good could possibly come of adding another 30 something in the mix??

And my god, if they get rid of Tony or Tim, I am raising hell. :P
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2009-06-20 11:18 pm
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Hello again, fandom.

I've been sucked into the show NCIS. Actually, our entire family has: Hubby introduced us, Sis has stayed up nights to watch DVR'ed episodes and even the baby dances whenever she hears the opening theme. (Which, honestly, she hears at least twice if not three times a day.)

Now? Off to find fics. Sailing on the good ship McAbby.

And Gibbs/Ducky? Gibbs/Abby? Really? *dies*